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There is more to lose than just a lost art of handwriting

In an age of technology we no longer write letters to family and friends, or take written notes in classes or at meetings, instead we email or facebook or use one of the many apps available to communicate. Children no longer learn to hold a pen or to write their LETTERS. So what is there to lose?

In a recent blog Dr Victoria Dunkey discussed the importance of handwriting a concept getting lost in the wake of multiple technological devices

More and more evidence points to the significant skills lost due to not writing. It is common in our assessment of children to discover that they do not have the fine motor skills to hold and control a pen/pencil. Remember Spirograph (and similar activities)? That amazing creative activity using interlocking wheels secured to paper and colored pens that moved the wheels to create amazing spiral images. The variations where endless and filled many an hour of creativity. But it was more than that, it established strong neural connections in the brain related to fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving.



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