Traditional Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback has been around for some decades and one of the founders of this therapy was Professor Barry Sternman. He established frequency training at what is called the sensory motor cortex of the brain to help people with seizures. Other researchers continued to explore the use of neurofeedback frequency training for a variety of different disorders.

Practitioners will sometimes conduct an QEEG assessment (a brain map). This involves a mapping of the brain activity using a multi electrode cap. Others will analyze EEG data and compare the results to a population ‘norm’ to determine a treatment plan. While often requiring many sessions  when compared to years of medication and medical treatments the benefits outweigh the short term expense. Neurofeedback QEEG

The process for the client during training is the video game or program training common among most schools of neurofeedback. This type of therapy is available in most states of Australia.